Ferticare Prague

FertiCare Prague is a reproductive medicine and gynecology clinic founded in 2017 by well-known physician Dr. Petr Uher, head physician of Karlsbad Fertility clinic.

Ferticare Karlovy Vary

Karslbad Fertility is a private clinic for assisted reproduction helping to infertile couples get their child since 2007. Located in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.

Ferticare Znojmo

Ferticare Znojmo is a clinic founded in 2019 as a part of Ferticare Clinics group. It specializes in professional services in the field of gynecology and women-healthcare.

„Our goal was to build a clinic in the central Europe that can offer the best possible service to both Czech and foreign patients. Thanks to our outstanding team and investments in the latest technologies, we achieve high fertilization rates. This, together with a very high standard of care in favourable financial conditions is the main reason why we are a sought-out clinic for patients from Germany, Great Britain or Italy.“

MUDr. Petr Uher, PhD. Head physician, managing director